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DFS - Slow Browsing with Windows XP

In this blog, I have discussed the root cause of the issue where users are experiencing very slow network speed when connecting to network drive (mapping to DFS root namespace). Please note that this finding is totally based on our IT setup and it may not be the reason/cause for your issue.

Alright, we wanted to do following:
Virtualize and upgrade file servers (DFS) to Windows Server 2008 Standard R2
Virtualize and upgrade one physical 2003 domain controllers to Windows Server 2008 Standard R2

In this process, we created new domain controller and for some reason we needed to shut it down. So we shut it down. Next day, some users running Windows XP started to experience delays when they click on network drive letter (for example Z:\). It started to take time and sometime Windows Explorer stuck/hang before it populate all the folders. We tried few things together with my Manager to fix the issue but we could not solve the problem. Later, we read few articles/blogs about DFS architectur…

Using BIonDemand First Time

In this blog, I have tried to explain how BIonDemand can be used to assist with your decision making. Please note that this is not guide to tell you how to use BIonDemand.

I am part time student of "Master of Business in ERP Systems" and three weeks ago I started great unit "ERP Applications". Just google "BCO6181" and you will find us. Now, in this unit we were exposed to BIonDemand. We were advised to think of data, a question and then use this beautiful tool to find the answer. I tried various sample data to learn this tool first.

Since the birth of my second child on 4th March I have been looking for a new DSLR camera. Now, this is my first DSLR camera so I only needed entry level camera. So I started to read and make some nice excel sheet with the data. Hang on, excel sheet with data. There we go, I can use this excel sheet to assist me finding good entry level camera. So I chose following three vendors and metrics.


Mega pixels