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Freedom from Complexity – Simplicity sells

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. — Leonardo Da Vinci Many people would think simple solution mean lack of functionality. In contrast, it really means there is consideration of various requirements of users and solution provides a fast learning curve. It's sophisticated solution minus complexity. Have you ever asked yourself that why do you prefer simplicity over complexity? When we were so little, we wanted everything to be simple and straight-forward. Most of us, when thinking of an issue or requirement or need, we try to map that thinking to a part or step in the solution. There is direct link. This is what every customer or consumer look in the products these days. They are looking for bond between their thinking and solution they are looking at. If a product or solution cannot create that kind of bond quickly then it faces a "lack of interest" or sometimes "rejection". A solution should be able to represent a story that user narrated but we would …

SAP HANA Data Modeling Features - from project perspective

You are working on a project and performing your daily tasks. A recent requirement make you ask this question "can we do this in HANA?". Sometimes, we discover things that we did not know at all. The discovered feature was always there but we just ignored it. In some cases, the feature got distributed in new release and we never tried it. Usually, these situations let us find something that can be helpful for deliverables. This way we learn and enhance our skills and hence, optimizes our development process. Personally, I am big fan of things that is simple and just made with purpose. While working with SAP HANA Data modelling perspective I have learnt things that can enhance the data models, provide fast development life cycle and make content management easier.

Project requirement: Information need should be fulfilled with legacy data model or enhanced legacy data model.

Following are the features that can be used to fulfill above requirements (based on real world experien…

Machine Learning Platform - AWS vs Microsoft - Learner Perspective

Being a Business Intelligence developer I work with data every day. I always strive for use case where we can do more with data and provide valuable insights to Business.  However, most of the time I am preparing operational reports which involves data modelling and designing report using specific tools and specific need (derived by Business). Though, it is good exercise to gain data analysis skills. Some of these reports are fun to build and challenging some time but still very specific. Few months ago I decided to explore the world of data science. The motive was to play with variety of data and explore use cases. I have principals when it comes to learning. One of my principal is "start from basics". There is no shortcut if you want to master something. You definitely need to know end to end if you really want to succeed and of course you have to be passionate about it. Therefore, I wanted to learn language build for data science but widely used. I started to read blogs a…