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Using Analytic View on SAP HANA with SAP Visual Intelligence

As a part of (our University unit bco6181 ) six minutes presentation I connected SAP Visual Intelligence to SAP HANA Analytic view and show measure(s) on graph. I demonstrated the whole thing in the class successfully but there were certain things that I could show in presentation. For example, from creating schema to creating and loading tables with data (from csv files). It was another excited thing that I did with SAP Hana and this time l learnt even more about SAP technology. I am going to share my experience and data that I used.
Cloud Setup:
This time I used the same setup which I discussed in my previous blog here and as shown below. I really did not need DC for this exercise as I connected to HANA with database user. However, I used it for DNS (Domain Name Services) and for logging on to CLIENT using Windows Domain user.
SAP Hana Instance - HANADB - Rev 48 Windows Server 2008 R2 - DC (Domain Controller) - and hosted AD (Active Directory) services Windows Server 2008 R2 - CLIENT  - …

My Experience While Integrating SAP HANA with Windows Active Directory in a Private Virtual Cloud


I had been keeping SAP Hana instance for few months on AWS (Amazon Web Services). I never did any thing excited with it until I was asked to demonstrate something for an University assingment (bco6181) . There, I just thought I could try integrating SAP Hana instance with Windows Active Directory for single sign on. Unfortunately, I was not successful but I completed the configuration to most extent. It was a good experience and an effort that I can not forget.

Note: Please note I followed following guide to perform these steps


My infrastructure included following

SAP HANA Instance - HANA - Rev 48
Windows Server 2008 R2 - DC (Domain Controller) - and hosted AD (Active Directory) services.
Windows Server 2008 R2 - CLIENT  - and SAP Hana studio installed.

One VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) - - Above machines (instances) were given s…