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Language Dependency in Design Studio - With BW Data Sources

In recent experience, I found that when we are using BW data sources then it display an error if OLAP connection language is set different from BW system.

For example -

I tried to change connection for this SAP Design Studio application and received following error:

When I checked the backend connection in Preferences of SAP Design Studio then I found it is using language IE

I checked Design Studio administrator guide and there were some hints to language dependency

I found that the user language settings in BW was different from what I configured in OLAP connection

OLAP Connection

So I changed the language in OLAP connection in Information Design Tool to match BW system. Later, the error was gone and I was able to change data source. Once it is changed the it should appear as follows:

Using Application Function Modeler To Create Forecast (APL) Procedure in SAP HANA

In this blog or document, I have shared my experience gained while creating forecast procedure using following features of SAP HANA:

APL (Automated Predictive Library) Forecast FunctionApplication Function Modeler (AFM)I haven't seen any convincing blog which promotes this feature of SAP HANA. Personally, I believe it is really good feature for people with beginner or no SQL scripting skills as AFM is graphical tool. However, the end result is a procedure which can be used later for different purpose. I created this forecast procedure based on the use case provided by Forefront Analytics. The use case instructed to use APL forecast function. The input dataset was provided by Forefront Analytics. I started my research on APL and my main focus was time series function i.e. "Forecast". I learnt about APL installation and different APL functions as I progressed. I discovered about AFM when I was watching SAP Technology videos as part of my APL research. 

I have tried to docume…