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List of Values for HANA (SPS 07 Rev 70) Input Parameters In IDT 4.1 SP2

This blog discusses the use case where we can use list of values generated in SAP Business Objects Information Design Tool's (IDT) data foundation layer for SAP HANA input parameters (from SAP HANA information view).

As we know that we can map SAP HANA input parameters to universe parameters in data foundation layer of IDT and this can be done by creating derived table in IDT. If you are not sure how to achieve that then please refer to document here. You would need to write a SQL statement to create derived table in IDT. I would like to suggest you to look at SQL statement generated in HANA studio when you preview your data. You can copy the part in green and then use it in IDT (as shown below).

SQL Statement in SAP HANA Studio:

SQL Statement in IDT:

Challenge/Issue/Gap:When we use SAP HANA input parameters in Information Design Tool then the list of values created in SAP HANA doesn't come along. For example, following is the input parameter created in SAP HANA information view (…

SAP HANA Input Parameter - Derived from Table - Use Expression in Filter Value

Recently, I have experienced something while modeling HANA information view that I want to share with everyone. 

Case: Dynamic Filter for projection with current Fiscal Year and Fiscal Period. 

Method:There are different parameter types that we can use to do this. I decided to use following "Derived from table" type as shown below: 

Challenge:When filtering column then it displays list of values from the same HANA information view and we can select the date. Now, as the requirement is current Fiscal Year and Period so how do we filter the column to dynamically select current date in "Filter Value" section?
Solution:Like everyone, I expected it to understand the expression. So I tried following and it worked. I used the expression 

I was aware that I could use expression in the "Default Value" section (as explained in SAP HANA Developer Guide) but didn't expect it to work in "Filter Value". I was able to filter the projection using t…

Resolve Performance Issue with HANA Filter Variables (used as prompts) in Analysis for Excel

In this blog, I will discuss the performance issue which I experienced while selecting input variables/filters (prompts) for HANA information view consumed directly in SAP Analysis for Excel 1.4 SP5. This performance issue might be faced during consuming HANA information view with large amount of data.

Usually in SAP HANA we create variables to filter the data in HANA information view at runtime or design time. For example, in following window we have a variable for "Plant".

Let's look at the filter variable created in SAP HANA for attribute "Plant". This variable will display values from column "Plant" from same information view. When user click on browse button (as shown in above image) then it display these values.

When user clicks on browse button to select value for "Plant" variable then it generates a SQL statement. Let's look at the SQL statement captured from Analysis for excel log file. I ran that query in SAP HANA Studio to captu…

SAP HANA Content Security Roles Setup

A few months ago I was given a task to implement content security in SAP HANA. The main purpose for this task was to provide Business user access to information models created in SAP HANA. For example Finance user should only view finance package and can access information models in that package via BI tools such as Analysis for excel.

So, after a research and few discussions with various people (one of them was from SAP Melbourne) I came up with following security model.

Let's assume that content is maintained in following structure:

So based on each type of privilege I created the roles as shown below:

System Privilege Roles

These roles are mainly needed for System admin tasks (technical role)

X_HNS = S for System Privilege role

Role Name Privilege Type Assigned