Change Data Source Location in SAP Design Studio Client

In recent project, we faced a scenario where we needed to change the data source location for a Analysis Application. It can be required in following cases:

  • You have moved your underlying HANA model to new package
  • You have renamed your underlying HANA model in same package
  • You have changed the connection and moved your underlying HANA model to new package
  • You have changed the connection but underlying HANA model is still in same package
In our case, I changed the connection and moved underlying HANA model to new package. This feature is called "Exchange Data Source" in Design Studio. The version of Design Studio is 1.4 and BI Platform is 4.1 SP05. So I followed following steps to make existing Analysis Application working.
  • First of all, backup. So, copy the Analysis Application to other folder (for example \Public Folder\Sales & Distribution\ or to your favourite folder) in BI Platform.
  • Open Design Studio and connect to BI Platform.
  • Open the Analysis Application that you copied earlier. You may see following warning so please click OK

  • Select the data source and click on change connection in properties window

  • In Exchange Data Source windows select new connection and new Query view. Press OK to finish
  • Repeat the process for each data source and save the Analysis Application
If you hate to use GUI to make such changes then there is another way provided here which advises to edit content.biapp file. I did not try it but you may give it a go.


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