Use Social Media, Virtualization and Cloud to learn SAP

Few weeks ago, I went to Victoria University SAP Students Association meetup. There were numbers of SAP students who were going to finish (and had finished) Masters of Business in ERP systems. After talking to few students I found that they were trying to enter SAP world with knowledge that they earned while studying their Masters only. Apart from that they didn't try anything exciting or new in SAP technologies. In fact, some of them never heard of SCN before or they simply ignored what lecturers mentioned. University is doing it's part by providing us defined curriculum and system for time we are enrolled. We as "students" should invest our own time to learn SAP products and solutions where ever possible.

I am also student at Victoria University and studying same course. However, recently I have done a unit bco6181; which equipped me and others fellow students with capability and confidence to use different medium to learn SAP technologies. I am going to show you how I use social media, virtualization and cloud to learn SAP technologies.

"Curiosity is big teacher' so being curious is good thing. Now, get on to SCN. Ask questions, start discussions and follow people that have similar interests.



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