An Interview with SAP Mentor - All About SAP BI

It is wise to say that "Curiosity is the best teacher". I am always curious and wanted to know and learn BI (Business Intelligence) technologies. I am student of "Master of Business in ERP Systems" and last semester (Feb 2012) I studied SAP Business Intelligence. Since then I developed an interest into SAP BI and day by day my curiosity got bigger and bigger. With that, more and more questions started flowing in my mind (brain) and therefore I wanted to talk to someone who has been working with SAP BI and can answer my queries. I am fortunate that SAP Mentor "Joshua Fletcher" agreed to have a Google Hangout (video conference) with me and happily answered all my queries. This session not only answered my queries but also directed me to right path. To know how, please see following video

Thanks for your time

Angad Singh


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